I will …

Take you from feeling helpless and lost to IN CONTROL and FULFILLED no matter what the outcome of your fertility journey is. 


By teaching you how to approach your life with a designer’s mindset.

Imagine being able to overcome any obstacle, big or small, in your life and create your own perfect imperfect life that is unique and specific to you. 

This is a mindset that can be learned and I am here to teach you how.

Let’s begin!

Jasmine is a senior lighting artist and published author in the animation field, which is more than 80% male. She has worked on a number of feature films including Ice Age, Peanuts and Rio. Although now a mother of two, Jasmine struggled with her own fertility issues and was given a less than 1% chance of having children, which spurred the launch of a social media channel following her personal journey. Jasmine wants to empower women to pursue their passions, teaching them to overcome obstacles using a designer’s mindset. Despite working harder now than ever before, Jasmine feels she does so with greater purpose. Jasmine’s hopes to prove that you don’t have to decide between work and motherhood: you can do both very successfully by designing your own perfectly imperfect life.