Take Control Of Your Fertility Journey

Watch this free training and an introduction to the fertility course that will transform your journey!


Breakdown of the video

00:00: So excited!

04:11: Welcome

04:26: My story

08:28: Four common misconceptions during your fertility journey

13:24: Transformation

14:00: Take Control of Your Fertility Journey program explained - 4 Modules

15:40: What you get inside the program

19:25: What do you think? Ask me any questions that come up by sending me a message at [email protected]

I’m excited to support you on your fertility journey!

"Will I get pregnant this month?

Just tell me it will work. This next step HAS TO WORK."

These thoughts would fill my head every time I started a new cycle of trying to get pregnant. There is so much pressure and anxiety associated with each step of the fertility journey.

What if you went into your cycle with the peace of mind knowing that you have multiple solutions to be happy and fulfilled?

Imagine all the stress that will lift from this cycle, knowing this. You can focus on getting the best results possible without the pressure that it HAS TO WORK.


Hi, I'm Jasmine. A few years ago, I was given a less than 1% chance of having a biological child. This news came in my fifth year of trying and crushed me. It was five years of endless medical appointments, medications, multiple IUIs, IVF, and all the physical and emotional feelings that come with the journey. This moment was the lowest point of my fertility journey.

What happened next might surprise you.

Instead of taking professional advice to stop trying, I went a different route.

Today, I now have two biological children that I am forever grateful for.

How did I do it?

It was during this time that I realized I should be approaching my fertility the same way I approach a challenge at work. By profession, I am an artist on animated feature films.

By approaching my fertility through the eyes of an artist, I see multiple views and find numerous creative solutions to what might feel like an impossible problem. It allowed me to see fertility outside the box, giving me many solutions and peace of mind knowing that I will be happy in the future that resulted in my two kids.

That's why I created Take Control of Your Fertility Journey course so that it is easily accessible to everyone.

This approach is a creative way that anyone can quickly learn, do, and use to see results. My experience and results are the driving force behind my free training and course.

I hope that it helps you as it did me.



My Less than 1% IVF babies

My less than 1% IVF kids